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GMPMax Pharma is the choice of modular cleanroom in biomed, life science, biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical processing for the most stringent medical research and aseptic process applications
Our Modular Cleanrooms are designed to provide a clean, Environmentally Controlled Environment. Clean levels are available from Class 100,000 to Class 1 (ISO Standards Class 1 thru Class 8), with Temperature and/or Humidity control. 
All components are prefabricated and completely Modular in design. Packages can be installed by End User or by our Factory Trained Technicians.
The Modular cleanroon wall system is flexible thus allowing easy installation and accepts changes to design in the field and can be reconfigured for use in other locations
Options for modular clean room: Air Showers, Pass-Thru air lock, walls ceilings- and-floors, Raised Floors, Vinyl Cleanroom and Tile floors, Single and Double Doors, Windows, Cleanroom tables and other furniture, Amber colored lights and windows, Pressure Gauges, Equipment Platforms, Pre-Fab Steel Floor, Installation, Certification, and Modular Wiring Systems.
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