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GMPMax  pure steam units are designed for the production of sterile, pyrogen free pure steam for pharmaceutical applications.


GMPMax  pure steam generator consists of two main components, an evaporator and a vapor-liquid disengaging section, combined as one cylindrical column.


Heating steam flows through the shell side of the evaporator section, while the feed purified water flows through the internal tubes, from the bottom to the top, the pure steam generated within the evaporator section flows upward to the vapor- disengaging section.


The vapor liquid disengaging section is positioned at the top portion of the vertical cylindrical column. The high velocity of steam, coupled with enhanced centrifugal separation provided by the vapor liquid disengaging components, ensures the extremely high quality steam is produced.



Main features of GMPMax PSG - DTS

The Immediate start up: due to the design as per “accumulating boiler” technology, the pure steam is immediately available. The unit is able to pass from stand-by to full capacity in a few seconds.

High Flexibility: the production capacity can be varied automatically from 0 to 100% according to the demand.

• Unique purification system: gravitational purification principle for better guarantee of steam, purity.

• High Quality Steam: the quality of produced steam is constant in terms of pyrogen contents, superheat value and dryness fraction, independently from pressure and production flow rate.

• Simple and clean mechanical construction: baffle free decontamination chamber - no welding. Granting the best inspectability, minimized corrosion risk, for the longest expected life of the equipment.

• Extremely limited maintenance. No moving parts, expansion joints or mechanical seals. No extra space in height is needed.

• Compact construction and low weight. Little extra head room needed for dismounting and inspection.


Operating Principle

GMPMax’ PSG - DTS Pure Steam Generators design is based in the “accumulating boiler” technology. The system is composed by two parallel bodies: the heat exchanger and the evaporator - decontamination column. Feed water is fed to the decontamination column (main body), while industrial steam is fed to the heat exchanger, shell side. Industrial steam heats the feed water to evaporation temperature, so creating a strong circulation inside the

two bodies. The steam develops in the evaporator: steam low velocity and the height of the decontamination

column eliminate any possible impure water droplets entrainment.

A pressure transducer, installed in the evaporator, controls the feed of industrial steam to the heat exchanger, thus granting constant pressure of the produced pure steam.

The feed water flow is controlled by a level transmitter installed in the evaporator.



Construction Characteristics

The plant is completely made in AISI 316L stainless steel. Standard finishing of the active surface is pickled and passivated; mirror or electropolishing can be made on request.

The heat exchanger is a DTS type; the pipes are expanded into the plates, avoiding any welding for a totally hygienic execution, and a better resistance against dilatation stress.

The design and construction of the decontamination chamber, which is a totally empty column, ensure the best inspectability. The absence in this area of welding dramatically reduce the risk of corrosion, for a very long expected life of the equipment.

The general construction design, coupled with the described decontamination process, ensure a very compact layout, together with an extremely limited space needed for maintenance.





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