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Solution Formulation Skids

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Solution Formulation Skid

Solution Formulation Skid is integrating the solutions manufacturing vessels, filtration system, transferring system, operation platform into one SS skid, and the skid is delivered on ready made modular to customer site, so that there is only very less connection job to be done on site, it is an economic solution for sterile product engineering, the installation cost on site and required installation period is shortened greatly.


Typical Features of Solution Formulation Skid:

Modular design

Different type of manufacturing vessels

Mechanical mixing or magnetic mixing

Zero dead leg design

Product Automatic Weighing and measuring

Product to be transferred by sterile gas or pump

On line CIP/SIP

Automatic batch record

Manual/ auto control

Data traceable

Automatic welding

Pressure Test

Acid cleaning and passivation

X ray detection

Endoscope Detection

Secondary design

3D Design

Project management software

FDA/cGMP compliance

GMP validation documents

SS platform easy for operation

SS control cabinet to meat clean room requirement

Brand name components

SKID manufactured in ISO certified plant