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Air Handling Unit Carrier

Product Details

Modular design

All basic component parts are standard and interchangeable

Double skin panel construction, heat preservation with PU foam

The thickness of PU foam panel is 25mm, with lightweight, good rigidity and the thermal conductivity coefficient less than 0.0199W/m

Downwards condensate drain pan

This design ensures to drain all the condensates water

Drain valve: is at the bottom of the coil return circuit, this can discharge the steeper and avoid the frost crack of the coil

Damper: can be opened flexibly, it also can add the electric controller as the requirements

Unit base: each section has the base, which enhance the intensity and make it easy to transport and assemble


a)      Fan has the forward curved and backward curved centrifugal type with low noise and high efficiency

b)      Fan wheel and pulley shall be statically and dynamically balanced

c)      Fan and motor assembly is mounted on a common base with shock absorber

d)      Fan outlet is isolated from the casing by a flexible connection

e)      Fins are the dual sine-wave form, and mechanically bonded with copper tubes

f)       Headers have drain and vent connections, so coil is drainable and has non air trapping circuits

g)      The water in the coil must be discharged in winter to avoid the frost crack of the coil

h)      If coil face air velocity higher than 2.5m/s, drift eliminator must be installed after coil

i)       Primary filter is panel structure, the efficiency reaches G3

j)       Medium filter is bag structure, the efficiency reaches F5

Computer selection:

a)      THC provides the double-quick and accurate computer selection

b)      We will get the reasonable coil, fan and electric motor to meet the user’s requirement

Easy maintenance:

a)      The panels of 39G units are all removable panels

b)      The access panel is low leak construction and easy maintenance

Intellectualized control: various of sense organs like VFD can be installed in units as requirement






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