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Non-PVC Film IV bag production line

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This non-PVC soft bag compact line consists of three main parts: forming, filling and sealing. It can finish procedures such as film feeding, printing, port arrangement, port preheating, film separating, forming, port welding, outline cutting, bag transferring, filling, heat sealing, filled bag outfeed etc. It can also be connected with other auxiliary equipment as a integrated compact line. It is suitable for 50ml-3000ml infusion soft bag production in pharmaceutical factories. In order to meet different requirement all over the world, we have got many innovation on this production line, we have invented several series of soft bag compact line with our own intellectual property, such as: SRD series, SRS series (double chamber soft bag), SRDF series (multi chamber soft bag)



1.     This line adopts linear design, it is convenient for observation, operating, testing and maintaining. This line can complete the process of forming, filling and sealing, cross contamination is avoided, and it could meet GMP requirement.

2.     It has broad range of applicability, suitable for 50ml-3000ml infusion soft bag production. Few size parts need to be replaced when changing specification.

3.     It adopts the advanced PID temperature control, ensures the quality of bag sealing, and it is suitable for different kinds of packaging material.

4.     It adopts design of no medium waste structure, which can fully utilize the film, and reduce production costs.

5.     It adopts float joint to connect the printing air cylinder, bag forming cylinder, and other parts, which makes the air cylinder life longer, ensures long running stability.

6.     Forming mould adopts special high quality material, and adopts special heat treatment and surface coating process, which can make mould temperature more uniform, guarantee bag forming quality, and the using life of mould longer than other similar product.

7.     It adopts mass flowmeter, high sensitivity aseptic valve and high speed PLC control to realize filling. It has advanced filling method and accurate measurement. It has function of no-bag-no-filling and waste-bag-no-filling. CIP and SIP is easy to be realized on this line.

8.     The port welding adopts the simple structure for positioning, ensures the welding consistency.

9.     It adopts the rigid synchronous belt for transferring, with long lifespan, and it w]]not extend. This ensures the longtime running accuracy.

10.   Most of the parts on the machine adopts servo control technology, it meet the requirement of high speed and high precision. The servo motor drives the filling head, cap sealing head and heating board directly, no need linear driver from the synchronous belt. It has simple structure and no need much maintenance to be done.

11.   It adopts the communication method of onsite profibus, optical cable transferring, with control method of pneumatic box, servo system, PLC&HMI. All the running parameter can be saved in the recipe for later use. High automatic system of this machine ensures the running of this line, with high technology and reliable performance. With the auxiliary remote control technology, it can realize the update and maintenance of the software quickly

12.   This line has following characteristics: tight structure, small area for purification, high production ability, good stability, very few easily wearing parts, and its maintenance cost is the least of the similar product.


Main Technical parameter


Technical parameter




Suitable product

Various transfusion, dialysis fluid, flushing fluid, amino acid, antibiotic, blood product, fats and so on

Suitable packing film material

Non-PVC multilayer compound film

Film Dimension

Standard film material with Inner diameter:150mm, outer diameter not more than 600mm

Suitable port

All kinds of hull shape port, round port, heteromorphic port, soft port etc

Color bar Diameter

Standard film material with Inner diameter: 76-78mm, outer diameter not more than 140mm

Bag Specification


Bag width

130mm(it can be customized according to the client requirement)

Filling liquid

bubble free liquid, liquid pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa

Filling precision

50ml, 100ml±1.59%:  250ml±1%: 500ml,  1000ml±0.7%

Room environment requirement

Temp.:18-26; Relative humidity: 45%-65%

Compressed air

Pressure≥0.6MPa,filtration precision:5μm, dry, oil free compressed air

Sterile compressed air

Pressure≥0.6MPa, filtration precision: 0.22μm sterile air

Printing method

heat foil printing(we can provide intelligence heat foil printing technology)

Cooling water consumption

200-400L/h, temperature not higher than 20

Nitrogen consumption

According to special requirement, we can use the 0.1Mpa nitrogen to protect the solution, consumption2000-6000L/h


Three-phase-five-wire system: 380V: 50Hz

Max. Speed

2600 pcs/hour

5000 pcs/hour

7000 pcs/hour

Filling head








Compressed air consumption




Sterile air consumption




Overall Dimension(L*W*H)




Net Weight









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