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ZG Capping Machine

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ZG Capping Machine


Vials after filling and stoppering are sent to the turntable, the straightened vials are sent out through single channel to the starwheel. Cap hopper orients disorderly caps and sends them to cap rail in turn. Starwheel brings vials to cap dropping position. Vials pull on cap and enter capping station; capping knives finish capping procedure, then are sent out for packing.

Basic Parameter  

Capping heads: 15 


Vial Infeeding station

Dia. of the turntable: 1200mm, Way of outfeed: Single row outfeed, Material of machine frame: SS304. Vials are sent to the infeed starwheel one by one.

There is falling vial auto rejection device (vial diameter ≤22mm) and stop function for vial absence at exit part, which can avoid vial crowding and vial breaking, improve vial conveying quality.


Capping orienting and capping stations

Adjusting oscillation voltage can control cap orienting speed. Cap output position also can be adjusted up and down. It is easy to operate, and works stably.

It has auto stop function when there is no cap in the cap rail to guarantee capping qualification rate. It avoids continuing capping when there is no cap.

It adopts single knife following capping structure. When vials rotating themselves, capping head group rotate, and knives get close to vial under action of cam, then capping finish.

With the unique method of single knife capping rolling, it adjusts conveniently and is suitable for erroneous vial shape.


Outfeed station

There is a photoelectric fiber on output starwheel for output counting, which is good for management of production


Separating device

Vial infeed part, cap feeding part, capping part are under Class 100 LAF, which is equipped with separate stainless steel frame and polymethyl methacrylate safety door with interlock. LAF system is supplied by buyer.


Control system

HMI: Proface, 5.7”, color screen

PLC: Siemens 

Electric cabinet: together with main machine and be airtight.

Electric control panel: together with main machine, and connected with the electric cabinet by wire. Equipped with touch screen, emergency button, it can display the alarm, and reset by manual operation. 

It is protected through 3 levels password: operator, engineer and administrator.







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