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Static Pass Box

Product Details

Pass box is designed to minimize contamination into the clean room and they are extensively used in biotechnology, tissue culture, botany, life sciences, hospitals, chemical industry and many more.


Static Pass through Box

The Static Pass Box equipments are self contained units that minimizes the entry of contaminants and also cross contamination into the clean rooms. They are equipped with a mechanical interlock system that prevents both the doors from being opened at the same time. Moreover it is available in different sizes to suit customer requirement.


Main Features:


Status display

Buffering time adjustment

Reset button

Output to central monitor system

Non return pass through setting

Power off, door suction to be shut


Lighting fixture

SS chamber and shell

Double glass door, flush installed

Flush Electromagnetic lock

PE flat control panel

System water proof, surface cleanable and sanitizable

Floor and wall mounted design

Modular & economical


Available size:

Width: 500mm, 600m, 800mm

Height: 500mm, 500mm, 800mm

Depth: 500mm, 600mm, 800mm

Size could be customized as per request























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