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HDZ-150P Automatic Cartoning Machine

Product Details
HDZ-150P Automatic Cartoning Machine
Main Application: 
This cartoning machine is for automatic packing the product(vials and other products) into carton, and the machine can complete vial feeding, specification feeding and folding, carton feeding, cartoning action.
This machine is widely applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry.
1.     GMP compliance
2.     Variable speed control, PLC automatic control system.
3.     HMI, cartoning speed, quantity is displayed on touch screen, and failure reason and operation and maintenance method is also displayed.
4.     Different specification cartons can be used in one machine, only small adjustment is required.
5.     Manual/ automatic mode can be switched.
6.     specification folding function
7.     Three lines of batch numbers
8.     Automatic detection system, machine can be set to stop for unqualified product, or unqualified product can be removed from the line.
9.     No bottle/ product, no manual feeding, no carton feeding.
10.   Synchronize motor for synchronizing feeding.
Technical Specification

100-150 cartons/ minutes (stable speed 120-130)
Carton specification (L*W*H)
 (45-120) mm* (25-50) mm* (25-50) mm
Manual Specification
 (90-200) mm* (110-160) mm
Power Supply
380V 50HZ
Compressed Air supply
Compressed air consumption
Equipment dimension (L*W*H)