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Manufacturing Vessels, Storage Vessels, Mixing Vessel, Moveable Vessels

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Manufacturing Vessels, Storage Vessels, Mixing Vessel, Moveable Vessels


Specification: 10L-50000L

Material: SS316L or SS304

Surface finish: inside surface is Ra 0.28~0.6μm by mechanical polish. (passivation or electropolish are optional). Outside surface is Ra0.6~0.8μm by satin finish.
Agitator: bottom magnetic agitator, top mechanical agitator, magnetic mixer for emulsifying, magnetic mixer for suspension

Pressure: ATM or pressure vessel (-0.1~1Mpa)
Structure: Single layer vessel, vessel with jacket, vessel with jacket and insulation

Jacket type: dimple jacket, full jacket, or coil jacket

Insulation material: rock wool covered by SS

Components: vent filter, temperature sensor, level meter, manhole, sight glass with lamp and spray balls or according to client’s detail requirement.

Fixed type, or moveable type (for small vessels)

Control cabinet

Manufacture standard for pressure vessel: GB150-1998, ASME or PED/23/EC

Applicable for USA customers with ASME certificate and documents, European customers with PED certificate and documents



View Glass, View Lamp
Spray ball: Neumo, Alfa Laval
Vent filter: Pall, Millipore
Level meter: E+H, Labom
Temperature sensor: E+H, Labom
pH meter: Mettler
Load cell: Mettler
Rupture disk
Diaphragm valves: Gemu, Burkert, SED
Tank Bottom Valve: Gemu, Burkert, SED