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Cleanroom flush doors are designed to be integrated to our wall system and offers a cost effective, durable door solution with our standard coated gavenized steel facing or optional stainless steel fully glazed doors for maximum visibility.  We also integrates many specialty door types into the wall system, including single door, double door, emergency door, swing doors, sliding doors and high speed roll up doors.
Door handle is reinforced by the steel box
Unique structure to achieve full flatness on double surface and air tight
Fully flat connection between door leaf, wall panel and door frame
Complete with special, easy to use door press lock to the cleanRoom to avoid contact contamination
Three edges of the door sealed with rubber sealing trip, bottom edge sealed by lifting trip to avoid friction with the ground
Accessories for our doors
Stainless Steel Round handle lock
GMP Special Lock
Stainless Steel Lever Lock
Stainless Steel Handle
Stainless Steel Hinge
GMP Special designed Hinge
GMP electrical interlock with indicator light
Automatic pressure switch