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Clean Room Partitions and Ceilings

Product Details
We offer the widest variety of wall panels/ceiling in the pharmaceutical industry for clean room applications.
Pharmaceutical application require panels that can be washed continuously without breaking down while architectural finishes withstand repeated cleaning and sanitization with various chemicals to resist microbial and fungal growth.
Alternate surfaces and cores, however, are available to meet the requirements of any type of cleanroom application. Surfaces offered include melamine, painted steel, stainless steel, Panel cores are available in injected polyurethane (PUR), sticked polyurethane(PUF), expanded polystyrene(EPS), glass magnesium, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, gypsum , and rock wool.
Comparison between Melamine SKIN Panel and Steel SKIN Panel
Advantage of melamine skin panel
   High quality surface material, melamine skin.
    Anti-rusting surface.
    Excellent impact resistant.
   Good machinable characteristic for flexible cutting or drill.
    Excellent anti-corrosion .
    Excellent scratching resistant.
    Excellent surface flatness.
Advantage of steel skin panel
    The galvanized steel sheet base, roll coating material, surface hardness is high
    The galvanized steel sheet both side to form the high corrosion resistant
    To match with profiles from special extrusion and accessories
    Can be flush connection with systems
    Return air flow in integrated in panel structure to save space for reasonable air flow
Two types of panels can be inter-changed in same system
Typical Features of our panels
High quality surface material is resistant to chemical, attack, abrasion and scratch.
Panel four side extrusion seal up the panel edges to avoid contamination.
High quality thermal insulation core material.
Embedded reinforcement structure as per requirements.
Custom embedded pipeline for wiring conduit.
Easy and fast installation wall systems.
Flexible components can be selected for different requirements.
Rigid systems to avoid air leakage.
Systems come with complete door and window sets.
All components can be flush connection.