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DCS-3BL Sachet Packing Machine

Product Details
1. Introduction
The machine can automatically complete bag-forming, weighing, dosing, gas-purging, sealing, code printing, cutting. It is applicable for packing powder product, for instance, milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, icing sugar, dextrose, feed, coffee, solid medicament, powdery & grainy additive, dye, etc.
2. Features
Tool-free for size parts change. Recipes can be saved for long term production.
Working & operation status shown on touch screen, which results in easy operation.
Cutting position & web-tracking can be adjusted through touch screen during the continuous running, so there is always good appearance in long-seal & cross-seal.
Multiple bag types are available, for instance, pillow bag, stand-up bag, carrying grip bag, etc.
The closed machine structure, leads to low noise level and anti-dust, and is especially suitable for packing dusty product.
Auger filler changeable for different powder products.
Weighing feedback tracking device optional.
3. Parameter

Metering Mode
Auger filling (Or weighing feedback tracking)
Bag Size
Width 70~280mm Length 100~350mm
Packing Weight
Packing Accuracy
Packing Speed
25~60 Bags/min.
Power Supply
380/220V Three-phase 50-60 Hz
Machine Power
Air Pressure
Air Supply
Machine Weight
Machine Bulk