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Chinapharm 2013
Chinapharm 2013, The 18th China International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition, as a most professional and biggest event for pharmaceutical suppliers, will be held between Oct.29-Nov.1, 2013 at Shanghai New Exhibition center. Held Once every year, CHINA-PHARM has become one of the famous exhibitions with significant influence in the international pharmaceutical field.
This year, GMPMax will bring many global customers to attend Chinapharm 2013 and audit different suppliers for the future project. This even will contribute to understanding to Chinese suppliers and will be most helpful for all our projects. We welcome all oversea customer to contact us for necessary assistant for the event.
Scope of Exhibit:
- Pharmaceutical Machinery
- Biological Engineering
- Biopharmaceuticals
- Pharmaceutical Water Treatment
- Fluid Engineering
- Cleaning Technology & Equipment
- Process Technology & Control System
- Packaging Machinery
- Spraying Code
- Anti-Counterfeiting Technology
For Excipient & Packaging Material:
- Packaging Material
- Excipient
- API & Excipient Equipment
For Food & Cosmetic:
- Cosmetic & Health-food Manufacturing and Packaging Machinery
For Detection Analysis:
- Detection Analysis Instrument
- Laboratory Equipment
- Pharmaceutical Inspection Equipment
For Pharmacy:
- Pharmacy Facility & Display Equipment
- Pharmacy Logistic
- Service
- Consultancy
- Association media & inform